Hotel Europe, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria


Frequently asked questions about Europe casino

How can I get to the "Europe" casino?

We are pleased to pick you up from every point of Nessebar, Ravda, Sunny Beach, Eleni, Saint vlas and to take you to "Europe" casino. Please call us on +359 55 422 007 to advise us of the exact location.

Do I have to bring any documents to enter in the casino and what they have to be?

Everything you need to be a guest at the casino is a valid ID. Having in mind the Bulgarian legislation it is necessary to inform you that people under the age of 18 are not admitted on the territory of the casino.

Is there a dress code for the guest at the casino?

It’s not allowed to enter naked or half naked on the territory of the casino. Every other fashion is acceptable. It is important for us each of our guest to feel comfortable during their stay.

Can I enter the casino with a legal guardian if I'm not 18 years old?

No, keeping in mind the Bulgarian law you can not enter in the casino, even with a companion.

What currency do you accept in "Europe" casino?

In “Europe” casino, bets are only accepted in euro. At the casino’s cash desk you can exchange any currency to euro and gaming chips of that value.

Is there a free of charge entrance to the casino?

Yes. We do not require payment to enter in the casino. The entrance is completely free of charge.

How to choose the most suitable game for me if I’m entering in a casino for the first time?

The casino staff will explain to you the rules of each game so you can decide which one is most suitable for you. Then we'll let you entertain.

Can I enter in the casino without registration?

No, we require registration with a personal document at the casino reception. This allows you to take advantage of all the benefits as a casino guest.

Do I have to pay for issuing a casino card?

No, they are issued free of charge. You only need to provide us a valid ID at the casino reception and you will receive your card in less than a minute.

Should I return the casino card when I leave the casino?

You do not have to return it to us. You may use it on subsequent visits to the "Europe" casino. In case you lose it, our casino reception team will issue you a duplicate for a few seconds.

Do they have an expiry date for casino cards?

The issued casino cards does not have an expiry date.

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